Here are the basic rules we will follow:

  • The event will consist of two stages: the round robin and medal rounds. Round robin matches will be one game played to 9 points.  Medal round matches will be best 2 of 3 games played to 7 points.  All games must be won by two points.
  • The players decide a method to determine who serves first in game one (e.g. coinflip, rock-paper-scissors, etc). 
  • After each goal, the player scored on serves the next ball.  This carries from game to game -- so, the loser of a game server first the next game.
  • The server may propel the ball through the serving hole in any way he chooses -- including methods intended to direct the ball towards his men (spinning, pushing, etc).
  • No spinning the rods.
  • All goals count (regardless of from where they are shot, deflections, banks etc).
  • Dead balls (unreachable by any player) are moved backwards to the nearest defensive players rod.