Jeremy Dixon

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...smiled as the ball rolled slowly and perched itself precariously on the edge. Was it a goal? Was it a putt? Was it the 8-ball? Similarly, being raised in Waynesboro, PA had given him the limited resources that had perched him on the edge of success…or destruction. He knew that the first Olympic win would be quite an achievement given this talented pool of competitors.

Tale of the Tape

43 (1975-08-16)

Career Highlights

  • BGO 8 Foosball Bronze
  • BGO 9 Foosball Bronze
  • BGO 1 Foosball Silver
  • BGO 3 Foosball Bronze
  • BGO 4 Foosball Bronze
  • BGO 6 Foosball Silver
  • BGO 6 Shuffleboard Silver
  • BGO 6 Golden Tee Bronze
  • BGO 7 Foosball Bronze
  • BGO 7 Shuffleboard Gold