Doug Dixon

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There is no rest for the most decorated athlete in BGO history.

The reigning all-around champion trains obsessively to maintain the high physical and mental stamina required by the BGO. But this year he has also managed to give back to the fans and the community via his newly formed youth development program DOMINATOR. "DOMINATOR is a program that teaches kids that despite impossible odds, a young man or woman can DOMINATE his/her peers by being better and tougher than they are," says the champ. "We want the kids to know that crushing and obliterating posers and wannabes is doable with dedication, skill, and the heart of a lion."

As if this weren't enough, reports suggest this tremendous community outreach work will be expanded over the summer with initiatives including multi-city seminars on taunting and irresponsible drinking, groundbreaking research into the effectiveness of surprise involuntary acupuncture (a technique the champ has made famous in recent dart exhibitions), and a sensitive group-therapy class helping lesser athletes deal with their profound inadequacies in life.

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Tale of the Tape

47 (1971-08-22)

Career Highlights

  • BGO 8 Darts Gold
  • BGO 8 Ping Pong Gold
  • BGO 8 Pool Silver
  • BGO 8 Golden Tee Gold
  • BGO 8 All Around Gold
  • BGO 9 Shuffleboard Gold
  • BGO 9 Pool Silver
  • BGO 9 Golden Tee Gold
  • BGO 9 All Around Bronze
  • BGO 1 Darts Silver
  • BGO 1 Shuffleboard Silver
  • BGO 1 Ping Pong Gold
  • BGO 1 Golden Tee Gold
  • BGO 1 All Around Silver
  • BGO 2 Darts Gold
  • BGO 2 Shuffleboard Gold
  • BGO 2 Ping Pong Bronze
  • BGO 2 Pool Bronze
  • BGO 2 Golden Tee Gold
  • BGO 2 All Around Gold
  • BGO 3 Ping Pong Silver
  • BGO 3 Shuffleboard Silver
  • BGO 3 Darts Bronze
  • BGO 3 Golden Tee Gold
  • BGO 3 All Around Gold
  • BGO 4 Ping Pong Silver
  • BGO 4 Pool Silver
  • BGO 4 Golden Tee Gold
  • BGO 4 All Around Silver
  • BGO 5 Foosball Bronze
  • BGO 5 Darts Silver
  • BGO 5 Shuffleboard Bronze
  • BGO 5 Ping Pong Silver
  • BGO 5 Golden Tee Gold
  • BGO 5 All Around Gold
  • BGO 6 Ping Pong Bronze
  • BGO 6 Golden Tee Gold
  • BGO 6 All Around Silver
  • BGO 7 Pool Bronze
  • BGO 7 Golden Tee Gold
  • BGO 7 All Around Silver