Scott Wible

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Formerly known as the BORO's most athletic... has since focused on getting fat and kicking ass at certain bar room games. Be prepared to face hand eye coordination like you have never witnessed before, often Jordanesque. Don't let the picture scare you away, it's just two golds and one silver medal in the world bar game Olympics. Bring your so-called "A Game" and let the games begin.

[ed. BGO officials were reluctant to post this profile given the reference to the "world bar game Olympics". It's clear that the BGO is the INAUGURAL games of its kind. Any preposterous claims to medals in prior events will need to be defended on game day.]

Tale of the Tape

5 (2013-09-10)

Career Highlights

  • BGO 9 Darts Bronze
  • BGO 9 Shuffleboard Silver
  • BGO 9 Ping Pong Gold
  • BGO 9 Pool Gold
  • BGO 9 All Around Gold
  • BGO 1 Darts Gold
  • BGO 1 Golden Tee Silver
  • BGO 2 Shuffleboard Silver
  • BGO 3 Darts Silver
  • BGO 4 Darts Silver
  • BGO 4 Golden Tee Silver
  • BGO 5 Ping Pong Bronze
  • BGO 6 Darts Bronze
  • BGO 6 Ping Pong Gold
  • BGO 6 Pool Bronze
  • BGO 6 All Around Bronze