Lefty Bench

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Although he can't claim the panache of Doug D's grillz or Greg R's Michael Chang-like tennis skills, A.J. definitely comes correct for bar games. Hailing from Waynesboro, PA, and appearing to be the youngest competitor in the olympics, A.J. specializes in Golden Tee hissy-fits and catching darts with his teeth. He has no (none whatsoever) foosball skills and hopes to break into the top 11 in that event. All joking aside, he plans to bring his 3.84 (.01 shy of summa cum laude) game and kick some serious arse.

Tale of the Tape

41 (1977-06-23)

Career Highlights

  • BGO 8 Shuffleboard Bronze
  • BGO 2 Darts Bronze
  • BGO 3 Golden Tee Bronze
  • BGO 4 Shuffleboard Bronze
  • BGO 4 Golden Tee Bronze
  • BGO 5 Darts Gold
  • BGO 6 Shuffleboard Gold
  • BGO 7 Golden Tee Bronze