Chris Weaver

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Don’t let the soft exterior fool you, this man is a true Phathlete (Athlete in a fat man’s body) of extreme talent and determination. This newbie will (self proclaimingly) rapidly become a BGO legend. The speed, agility and accuracy of this big man’s athleticism and bar game skill have only been seen in other world famous athletes such as Jimmy Snuka, Bob Backlund, and Ivan Putski. He has been known to shatter cue balls on the break, draw his own blood on the dart board and Golden Tee ball, issue nut-crackers on the foosball table and due to a wicked back-hand, caused a ping-pong opponent to launch his body into a wall causing severe shoulder damage and ruin a very good time. Chris is also a gentleman, prior to entering any competition he always offers his competitors a few words of advice: lace up, put on your cups, and bring lots of disinfectant, cause we’re gonna dance!

Tale of the Tape

5 (2013-09-10)

Career Highlights

  • BGO 9 Ping Pong Bronze
  • BGO 9 Pool Bronze
  • BGO 9 Golden Tee Bronze
  • BGO 3 Pool Bronze
  • BGO 3 Darts Gold
  • BGO 5 Golden Tee Bronze
  • BGO 6 Pool Silver