Mark Radtke

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Hailing from H-Town comes a competitor like no one has ever witnessed before. "How does he do that?" some ask. Well my inferiors, it is pure 100% raw talent, and training that would make Chuck Norris cry. His fathers family tree reads like a shuffle boards champions history book, while his mothers might as well be titled "Foosball-The Family that dominated the game". History has it that he was conceived on a pool table while his father was throwing darts. Needless to say he eats pool balls and pisses darts. He looks forward to keeping the family tradition alive when breezing through the BGO.

Tale of the Tape

5 (2013-09-10)

Career Highlights

  • BGO 8 Darts Silver
  • BGO 8 Pool Bronze
  • BGO 4 Darts Bronze
  • BGO 7 Darts Gold